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Sylvain Sylv

A painter and sculptor, my work revolves around philosophical and spiritual themes integrated within a personal meditation. This site contains some examples of my work, that are based on shamanism.

Shamanism is the most primordial of all religions. It represents the relation of humanity to the mystical forces of nature, by imaginative rituals and magic, which I attempt to elaborate via a universal, symbolic dialogue in the series of paintings entitled "the world of Poucs".

Le banc aux oies
Oil on canvas - 80cm x 80cm

This painting was inspired by the image of a countryside scene in which I would like to live.

My work on video

my work from day to day #1...
my work from day to day #2...
Sylv's next exhibition

Chateau de Balleroy
9th July to 4th September
Every day from 10am to 6pm
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