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God speaks, worlds were created, and God has not finished speaking... He is the verb and we are the words, murmured into the infinity of the universe. If nothing is written, all possibilities are there, in the crucible of the soul whose light and the life animates us and carries us to the supreme recognition of our divinity, we are "the salt of the earth".

Despite all obstacles, love, little by little, converts the hearts of men to peace, and within our small breaths of life, He makes the light of our souls shine more each day.


Meditation, or Raja Yoga, is the highest stage of Yoga as set out by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. Still today, after centuries, these Sutras are the basis of ones progress to a state of greater personal realisation. Meditation is the ultimate practice of spiritual realisation in the being, it can bring one to an objective recognition of the reality of the soul by the state of "Samadhi".

I have chosen the practice of Pranayama yoga and I'm convinced it that this type of yoga is particularly adapted to the modern world. Based on breathing it can easily be practised anywhere, at any time.

Pranayama offers the possibility of acting upon three aspects of the personality; the physical, the emotional and the mental by directing "prana" energy. Prana is, according to tradition, a vital fluid more subtle than matter, that penetrates the whole universe. The balance of Prana in the personality allows the rebalancing of the chakras, or "wheels of fire", these 7 centres are situated in the subtle (or ethereal) body and whose physical counterparts are the endocrinal glands. Pranayama is the door of meditation. After having rebalanced and calmed the physical, emotional and mental bodies; the possibility is opened to contact the self, our spiritual reality. It is here that the aspect of "conscience" intervenes that differentiates yoga from meditation.


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